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Welcome 7th grade Mustangs!


This website represents something new we will be trying out -- a wiki!  We will be using this space as a place where we can all work together to share ideas and accomplish tasks.


How to Sign Up for the Wiki 

Step 1:  On the right side of the page, click on the link that says "To join this workspace, request access"


Step 2:  On the page that opens up, type in your school (outlook.com) e-mail address.  It will be your firstname.lastname@stu.oldham.kyschools.us  If you are blocked from your school e-mail, let me know please.


Confirm by entering the letter it asks for in the small box, then click "Send to Administrator"


Step 3: I will receive an e-mail from you requesting access.  I will confirm you.  You will get an e-mail back in your school e-mail. [Just in case you don't know how to access this, go to outlook.com, type in your e-mail (firstname.lastname@stu.oldham.kyschools.us), and type in the same password you use to log in on he computers at school].  Click the link in the e-mail to sign up for the wiki.


Step 4:  Under name, enter your first name and last initial.  Choose a unique password for your account and enter it.  It should NOT be a password you already have--make up something new!  Do not tell anyone this password (good practice for all of your passwords!).  If you forget it, it can always be e-mailed to you.


Hint: Make sure that when you log in for the first time, under preferences you select "never" for how often you want to be notified about changes to the blog--otherwise your inbox will fill up really fast!


That should be it--you are now ready to contribute to the class wiki!

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